Discover new ways of opening your heart and treating each other to pleasure like never before.

  • Video teachings filled with insightful wisdom, guidance and live demonstrations.

  • Audio practices and meditations to support you in deepening your embodied practice.

  • Written resources to support the teachings of the module.

  • 6 weeks of content. This pacing encourages you to explore the week's exercises at a pacing that suits this type of development.

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Discover Alchemical Desire

The Tantric Couple

Cultivate powerful sexual intimacy and transform your relationship

Do you love your partner, but fear you’ve lost the spark?

In these uncertain times, couples are challenged like never before. Stress, worry, boredom, lack of independent time, and new responsibilities can fizzle even the most passionate of fires and drive love lives into a rut.

The great news is there’s almost no better way to spend this unprecedented time than by learning how to create exciting, lasting intimacy with your beloved.

A representation of a tantric couple

Truly see one another

You will learn to cultivate sensuality, activate your desires, and delight in each of your senses.

Discover the intoxicating beauty of slowing everything down—way down—and savouring each thrilling moment. Discover new ways to communicate and understand each other on a deeper level.

Revel in the juicy deliciousness of driving each other wild and bringing your souls together in ecstatic unity.

Unlock the beautiful mysteries of tantra and realise what you may have underestimated: just how essential your alchemical desire is to the depth of your connection.

Empower your life

through Sacred Union

Lasting intimacy doesn’t happen by magic; it begins by understanding that there is pleasure available in every moment. Alchemical Desire will introduce you to a new way of relating to your partner, to your own sexuality, and to the wonders of the world around you.

In this eight-week gift to your relationship, you will learn to perceive and shift the energy that courses through your bodies. You and your partner will learn powerful techniques that will erode blockages, deepen your connection, and bring you closer together than you may ever have been before.

Unlock Tantra

and reconnect to the honey-sweet electricity of life.

This course will invigorate your relationship and reinvent what lovemaking looks like.

Inside each of us lies a trove of astonishing energy just waiting to be harnessed. Tapping into this elixir will breathe new life into every cell of your being, and will make you wish that you had learned these secrets long ago.

Warning: Be prepared to discover that together you have a new and very favourite hobby!
Couple holding eachother


Totally out of this world

by Dawn and Stu

It is amazing what can happen between two people when lovemaking and intimacy become a priority. With this beautiful tantric thread running between us it has become totally out of this world. We are not sure how we survived before.We wish every person on earth this beautiful way of honouring one another. Thank you Krista for these life changing teachings.

Brought sacredness into our intimacy

by Nikki and Richard

We are thankful for your heart centred approach to sharing these teachings. Working with you has brought so much sacredness into our intimacy and helped to deepen our relationship and bring us closer together.


Frequently asked questions

  • Do I need a partner for this course?

    This course is designed specifically for couples to deepen in Tantric partnership.

  • How much time do we need to invest in this course?

    You will need to commit to a couple of hours a week for the course. It would be amazing if you will have even more time but you can work your way through most modules within a couple of hours.

  • How long will the content be available?

    You will have access to the course content for a year.

  • What if I fall behind with the course material?

    If you fall behind you can catch up at your own pace however I encourage you to try to keep up as much as possible to keep the momentum and immerse in the teachings.

Course Curriculum

Module 1

Tantra Fundamentals

Module 2


Module 3

Conscious Touch

Module 4

Orgasms and Embodiment

Module 5

Love and Boundaries

Module 6

Ecstatic Tantric Lovemaking

Discover Alchemical Desire.

Unlock the beautiful mysteries of tantra today.

Hello, I'm
Krista Nova.


My passion for tantra, psyche and spirit has guided my life journey. Through my work, I have guided thousands of people to awaken their inner fire, deepen in intimacy and discover the transformative power of sexuality. I am dedicated to creating space for the realness of our humanity to emerge from.

I have been leading Tantric events for over a decade in the form of retreats, workshops, rituals, festivals, one-on-one’s and more. I bring my tender heart, fiery passion and loving awareness to the work. I can't wait to share this with you.
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